Female Labradores

3M Little Miss Millie Mae CGCA/U-“Millie”

This female was born in June of 2012. She is smart, trainable, loyal and very willing. She is a great hunter, and also finds deer sheds. Millie is a shorter female, but still has great confirmation and a pretty look. Millie is LAID BACK as they come, will hunt in all weather conditions, no questions asked and tough as a boot too.

Weight- 75
OFA Hips- Good

OFA-Elbows Normal


CNM- Clear

EIC- Carrier

PRA- Clear

Dilute: Clear 


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3M That Girl Stole The Duck-“Dixie Lou”

This is a very sweet dog, very loyal and loving to our family. She unfortunately was started late and does not hunt; however, she does have a pretty nice pedigree and a great look. This is the most laid back dog, you never know she is around unless someone new pulls into our driveway. We just love her, and look forward to her pups. 


Dixie has 1 finished dog in Explosive training and 1 candidate in training for narcotics. 


OFA hips- GOOD
OFA elbows- NORMAL


PRA- clear
EIC- clear
CNM- clear

Dilute:DD Clear

Dixie PRA  Dixie EIC  Dixie CNM

3M Jazzed That Tequila Sunrise UP- “JAZZ”


This female is a spitfire, she was like that as a puppy. This ball of fire is gorgeous, she is built to last and super tough, hard drive and loves to please. Looking forward to her pups in the future. She lives for retrieving and is currently working on her AKC Hunt test titles with Rusty @ Trigger Time Kennels (click link to see trainer website)


OFA- Hips-Excellent
EIC-Clear by Parentage
CNM- Clear by Parentage
PRA-Clear by Parentage

Dilute: DD clear



Purdy Daisy of Sunnyburke JH– “Daisy”

Dont’ let her name fool you, She is not all purdy when it comes to retrieving or hunting. She puts her Game face on. She has so much drive and no quit. Daisy is a big girl, big bodied and boned. Lots of OFF switch, she is a great house dog. She has a great pedigree with lots of winners and “old school” lineage.


OFA Hips: Excellent

OFA Elbows: Normal

CERF or CEAF: Normal

EIC, CNM and Dilute: Clear

USJ J&S Mischeavious Katie


Boy does her name say it all!!! She is very intelligent dog and playful female, also one heck of an athlete. She is titled in Dock Senior with a personal best jump of 17ft off the dock. Love her style. 

Weight:62 —DOB:11/16/2016

OFA Hips: Fair 

OFA Elbows: Normal


CNM, EIC, PRA: Clear

Dilute: Clear DD 

Hales Avery Rough Waters

Avery is the one of the sweetest dogs, just wants you to love on her all the time. Great personalilty and great with the family. She produces some of the best looking puppies. Avery has puppies in explosive training school. LOOK OUT! 




OFA Elbows-Pending


CNM: clear



DM: clear

Dilute:DD clear